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Ordering Smart Part 1 | Basic Tips and Tricks

Ordering Smart Part 1 | Basic Tips and Tricks

Ordering Smart from Taking Pure Joy

Hello folks! I have been getting a lot of questions lately around how to hire me as a private chef and NOT break the bank. It is my goal to make my services accessible to a wide range of budgets. I have decided to put together a few tips and tricks on this subject. Here they are: 

  1. Try ordering more servings and repeating meals: My pricing is structured such that the largest chunk of your spending is allocated to cover labor. Labor cost, however, remains the same per dish, regardless of number of servings ordered. This means that, if you were to order 8 servings of paella, you would be paying the same in labor as you would were you to order 2 servings, 4 servings, etc.. If you are a family of 4 wanting to save some $$$, go ahead and order 8 servings instead of 4 and have Paella for dinner 2 times that week! Or pack it up and take it for lunch. Remember that the cost of groceries (wrapped into total) will be higher for 8 servings when compared to 4, but ordering more servings of fewer dishes will ALWAYS be more affordable than ordering fewer servings of more dishes. You sacrifice variety, but you come out with a happier bank account! 
  2. Focus on those all in one dishes: Piggybacking on Tip #1, how do you order less variety and still cover all of your bases when it comes to getting in key nutrients? Focus on those all in one dishes! I offer a variety of options every week that include veggies, carbs, AND protein. So start looking at those options! Some examples are soups/stews such as coq au vin, pasta dishes such as my pesto orriechetti with broccoli + chicken, casseroles such as my lamb Moussaka, and many more. Order 8 servings of 4 of those dishes for the week and you and your family are more than set for dinners and probably some lunches! 
  3. Make your own sides to compliment my dishes: It's ok to use my dishes as the backbone of your weekly meals and to supplement with easily prepared rice, salads, pasta, etc.. I won't be upset ;) Let's say you really want that filet mignon, but you are hesitant to order it because you want to adhere to Tip #2...order it anyway! Just throw some rice on the stove and toss together a simple salad to serve alongside. I'd be happy to send recommendations for quick, easy to prepare sides that go well with your order. Make sure to read our latest post, Ordering Smart Part 2, for a more detailed look at how making your own sides to supplement your Taking Pure Joy entrees can help keep you in your budget.


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