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Our take on what all of those other companies are doing...but better...

We have gotten many requests over the years to cater more specifically to those of you looking to accomplish specific fitness and overall health goals. So, we have teamed up with local nutritionists and dietitians to put together something we think you might like. Taking Pure Joy's newest offering is here...like right here on this page! We are calling it Healthy Choice Meal by Taking Pure Joy. 

Healthy Choice offers a whole new world. While our original family style model always keeps seasonal, quality, healthy ingredients top of mind, we do know that it is not always perfectly friendly to those attempting to follow a stricter regime such as an elimination diet, keto, paleo, low cal, etc.. Whether you are looking for more simplified, clean meals to loose weight, to get fit, or to tame a less than happy gut, our new Healthy Choice options might be a great fit for you. 

Every week Taking Pure Joy offers several menu options geared toward those of you trying to take on an extra-clean diet/lifestyle. These options will be single serve, full meals (protein, starch, veg), as apposed to our usual family style, and will be based on the recommendations of nutritionists and dietitians who have your health in mind *. Menus will be more limited than our regular offerings. So, if you are craving something from our normal, weekly menu please do not hesitate to visit it HERE. Just remember that you will have to fill out a separate order form.  

This (our first!) week's menu has a mediterranean feel and was inspired by our chat with local dietitian [insert name here]. Here it is! 

  1. Simple grilled chicken + Grilled Asparagus + Basmati rice
  2. Broiled Skirt steak + Greens & veg with light mediterranean dressing + basmati rice 
  3. Balsamic glazed salmon + Greens & veg with light mediterranean dressing + basmati rice

Ready to order? Please do! Just fill out our Healthy Choice form below. 


    * Working with a dietitian or a nutritionists? Want them to have a hand in our menus? Shoot them our way! Just fill out this form and we will get in touch with them directly.