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Pasta Making Classes + Private Dinners

We are so excited to announce that we are offering cooking classes as well as private events of 6-10 guests again! This is where Taking Pure Joy started, but we have gotten so caught up in trying to get you folks weekly meal deliveries that we have not had the bandwidth for a couple of years. Now we do! Please read below for details.


Pasta Making Classes

Our classes are a wonderful, interactive way to get family and friends together for an activity as well as a meal. Right now, we are offering 3-4 hour classes in which you and yours will learn how to prepare 3 dishes of your choosing (usually an appetizer and/or salad, a pasta (or another fun main dish), and a dessert). Classes start at $85/head plus the cost of ingredients with a minimum of 5 students per class. This in awesome gift to give for a special occasion and a great way to get your loved ones together! Let’s get cooking!


Private Dinners

Our “catered” dinners are a great way to go during the holidays, especially for those less inclined to go out to a restaurant during these strange times. With family in town and a heightened desire to bring friends and loved ones together, we provide a way for you to do this in your own home. We work closely with you to create your ideal menu before the event and will take care of all of the shopping, cooking, serving, and clean up. All you have to do is provide the space and the guests! Dinners start at $70 per head plus the cost of ingredients and can be tailored to your needs ~ number of courses, level of formality, etc.. As of now, we are only offering our dinners to groups of 6-10 individuals, but don’t be afraid to reach out if your group is larger. We can talk about how we can accommodate.