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Pertaining to the week of Monday 10/25 - 10/31


Hello Taking Pure Joy LLC community! Welcome to our Menu + Announcements page. Whether you are a new client or returning, we are excited to have you and even more excited at the opportunity to get you and you the meals you are looking for. Please take a moment to read the newsletter before skipping to the menu below. We have some important announcements!

If you are visiting after Friday 10/22 at 9pm, we are sorry to inform you that the order form has closed. Please don't be shy, though. We often have some room to wiggle for late orders. Just shoot us an email here if you missed our order deadline. Otherwise, lookout for our next menu. It will come out on Wednesday 10/27 for the following week.

(1) How to use our order form:

~ Make sure to not only check the box that corresponds to your desired number of servings for a particular dish, but to also check any boxes that indicate your specific dietary restrictions (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, etc.). While you are also welcome to indicate these restrictions in the comments section at the bottom of the order form, checking these boxes ensures that your order gets into our system accurately. Please save the comments section for any additional concerns.

~ The menu is updated on our website at the same time as this weekly newsletter is sent out, so you can find the menu (and order from) both places. Some of you have expressed that it has been convenient to bookmark our Menu + Announcements page so that you don’t need to rifle through your email on a weekly basis to get your order in. Try it!

(2) Chef Specials ** : We are striving to be a zero-waste kitchen. As such, we are doing everything we can to utilize extra ingredients. This week we had extra lobster! We decided to feature it on the menu for this coming Thursday in our Lobster + Crab Fettuccini. We are excited to feature these "leftover” ingredients in our menus so as not to waste. This comes at a cost, however. We have to put a cap on these menu items, which we have decided to call “Chef Specials”. So make sure to hop on the order form ASAP if you are looking to get these tasty menu offerings. Once the cap has been hit, we will remove the item from the order form.

(3) Money Talk!

~ New billing system! We have transitioned to a proper invoicing system via QuickBooks! Now, instead of receiving a written email and paying via Zelle or Venmo, you will be able to open an email, click on a button, and pay with the method of your choosing! As per usual, you will receive your bill on Wednesdays for that week. Several have inquired as to invoices upon order submission. Unfortunately, we cannot do this at the time, as we do not know what the final grocery cost will be until Tuesday evening . That being said, we are happy to give estimates to those who request them. Just send us an email after you place your order, and we will get back to you ASAP. We can always work with you to adjust your order to fit your budget. Thank you for understanding!

~ Ordering Smart…for any budget: As we grow, we are finding that many clients are starting to order for themselves as individuals or as couples. We love that! We do want to give some words of advise, however. Our pricing structure differs from that of other private chefs in that we allow a la cart orders at a flat labor rate per menu item. This means that you can order as many or as few menu items as you would like as apposed to being required to order the whole menu at a fixed price. We think that our model allows much more flexibility and works well to adjust to any budget. That being said, our flat labor rate really does work best when you folks order 4 or more servings per menu item. This keeps your cost per serving significantly lower. We would like to continue to serve those of you who are ordering as individuals or as couples, but we highly recommend this: Order more servings of fewer items :) This will keep your labor cost down while getting you more food. More bang for your buck, as we say! If you are looking for more ways to order smart/save money with Taking Pure Joy while still having your needs met, we highly recommend that you read our blog post on ordering smart here.

(4) Fun resource for new parents: Earlier this week, Merry Yen reached out to us. She provides a personalized concierge service aimed at new parents. She partners up with moms and couples, working with them to find nannies, mother’s helpers, food delivery services (Taking Pure Joy!), preschools, and much, much more. I just wanted to give her a little shout out just in case any of you parents are looking for a little extra help. You can find her website here.

(5) Feedback WELCOME: We are growing, and it’s so much fun! But it’s a little scary at the same time :) It is always our goal to serve you as best we can. We know we will always have things to work on. We would love, love, love your feedback and your opinion on how we are doing. We also love suggestions and new ideas around what you want/what would make your life easier. Feel free to respond directly to this email or give our leader, Teddy, a call at 831-345-4545.

(6) New to Taking Pure Joy? Welcome!! Take a look at our How it Works page to get some of our more frequently asked questions answered. Also, make sure to read up on how to order smart from Taking Pure Joy…we know that these are strange times, but it is our goal to make hiring a private chef obtainable. We are here for you.

Thank you for taking the time! Here is your menu for next week!

Monday 10/25

Fall Beet Salad ~ a mix of baby greens + arugula with goat cheese in a bright orange vinaigrette request dairy free

Balsamic Roasted Veggies ~ sweet potatoes + carrots + patty pan squash + bell peppers

Smashed Spanish Potatoes with Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Chicken + Rice Soup for the Mother’s Soul ~ chicken + veg + rice…classic!

Cajun Shrimp ~ succulent red Argentinian shrimp with a kick

Classic Chicken Parmesan ~ tender chicken breast in house marinara + mozzarella dairy free and/or gluten free options available

Asian Style Sticky Pork Belly ~ a decadent treat from Chef Brian

Pumpkin Rice Pudding with Raisins + Walnuts ~ to pay homage to pumpkin spice season ;) request nut free


Thursday 11/1

Winter Pomegranate Salad ~ kale + arugula with pepitas + pomegranate seeds in a lemon vinaigrette

Coriander Roasted Cauliflower ~ back by popular demand!

Mac ‘n Cheese ~ perfect comfort food for these fall days request gluten free

Coconut + Turmeric Chickpea Stew ~ a hearty hug in a bowl request to add chicken

SOLD OUT ** Lobster + Crab Fettuccini ~ decadent lobster sauce with chunks of crab + lobster claw meat

Honey + Garlic Glazed Salmon

Thai Style Chicken Wings ~ hints of lemongrass + ginger + maple

Duck Confit ~ melt in your mouth, slow cooked duck with perfectly crispy skin

 Specific dietary needs? No problem! I am confident in my ability to make substitutions that will maintain the integrity of the desired dish while keeping you on track with your dietary needs. Just pick your items and specify your needs.