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Pertaining to next week, the week of 8/7/21 - 8/14/21


Hello all! Happy Thursday! I hope everything is tasting great and that you are gearing up for a lovely weekend. Just a couple of announcements today:

(1) I am headed out of town on family matters this weekend and will not be returning until Sunday evening. As a result, I will be delaying Monday deliveries to Tuesday. Thank you for understanding!

(2) As you know, I have been sending out text messages from a new number. They are there to (a) nudge you to order by Friday at 2pm as well as to (b) remind you to send in your menu suggestions for the following week by Wednesday at 6pm. Feel free to reply directly to those messages with your menu suggestions. This is a new feature for me and I am still learning, so any feedback is appreciated.

(3) Quick reminder to check out our How it Works page. It is a great resource when it comes to understanding our process. If you would like to see any additional information on that page, I would love your suggestions!

(4) Don’t forget our referral program! Read up here to learn how you AND a friend can get 15% off your next order.

Ok that’s all in the way of announcements! Here is your menu for next week!


Caprese Salad with house pesto

Giant Stuffed Portobellos with cannelini beans + fresh herbs

Avgolemono -Greek lemon + chicken soup request vegetarian

Shrimp “Ceviche” cooked for your safety

Pistacchio Crusted Salmon OR Mahi Mahi

Teriyaki OR Tempeh Chicken Bowls with rice + sautéed veggies

Crispy Turmeric Chicken in vinegar + caper + crushed olive sauce

Fillet Mignon

Mushroom + Asparagus Frittata


Coriander Roasted Cauliflower

Baby Potatoes in Creamy Lemon + Dill Dressing dairy free

Pesto Chicken + White Bean Soup request vegetarian

Indian Yellow Shrimp Curry request naan

Tomato + Fennel Poached Sole delicate white fish

Crispy Skinned Garlic + Dijon Chicken

Chicken OR Vegetarian Enchiladas request gluten OR dairy free

Kalua Pork OR Chicken with Coconut + Lime Rice

Cashew + Date Breakfast Bites

Specific dietary needs? No problem! I am confident in my ability to make substitutions that will maintain the integrity of the desired dish while keeping you on track with your diet. Just pick your items and specify your needs.