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Welcome to Taking Pure Joy LLC! Thank you for visiting! We are a small, but mighty operation with a passion for food and it's ability to nourish the mind, body, and soul. It is our goal to bring that passion to your dining table and our hope that our meals consistently bring you and yours together with a smile and, of course, happy taste buds!

Teddy Danielson Owner/Founder/Head Chef

Teddy started Taking Pure Joy LLC after her return from Florence, Italy, where she studied culinary under Marcella Ansaldo at Giglio Cooking School. Throughout her travels, she developed a deep appreciation for the universal way in which meals bring people together. That appreciation is what guides her to this day as she works with busy individuals, couples, and families to help them get tasty, healthful meals on the table.

Teddy has a strong background in meal prep for those needing a little extra care. She got her start working with clients undergoing cancer treatment who wished to supplement their treatment with a "food is medicine" approach. More recently, she has expanded her interest toward aiding individuals and families afflicted with disordered eating.