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Follow these simple steps to get started:
    1. Free Consultation: Fill out our contact form HERE or schedule a call via calendly HERE. I will reach out to you via phone. During our call, I will walk you through our process and chat with you in detail about your household's dietary needs and taste preferences. 
    2. View your menu: I will create a menu based on our consultation. If I don't get it quite right the first time, just let me know! I am here to get you the personalized experience you are looking for. Your menu might look something like THIS
    3. Select dishes and schedule a cook day: Select the menu items you would like to have prepared and schedule your cook day HERE
    4. Relax: I'll take it from here. I will do the shopping, come to your home at the designated time, do all of the cooking, packaging and and labeling your goodies to store in the refrigerator/freezer, AND leave your kitchen spotless. You can choose to have 1 meal plated and served for a small extra fee. Otherwise I will be on my way, leaving you with reheating instructions. 

What does a typical week look like?

After our initial consultation, I will send you a menu of options tailored to your dietary needs and taste prepferences. You will select the items you would like to have prepared at least 24 hours before the agreed upon cook day. I will do the rest! I will (1) procure ingredients (feel free to let me know where you would like me to shop), (2) prepare the the decided upon meals in your home, (2) package + label your meals for the week, (3) and clean. You will be left with reheating instructions for the prepared meals and will have the option to have one meal plated and served for your household day-of.

Do I have to be home while you cook?


How do I pay for my meals?

Where do you offer your services?

How does scheduling work?

What is your cancelation policy?

Do you deliver?