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Follow these simple steps to get started on your first order:

    1. Initial Call: Fill out our contact form here. Upon receiving your information, we will reach out with a welcome email and an invitation to set up a quick initial phone call. During this phone call, we will walk you through our process and ask you some questions so that we might better understand what you are looking for. If you want to skip signing up for now and just want to hop on the phone to get a better idea of how we work, feel free to set up a call here
    2. Peruse the menu: Filling out our contact form automatically signs you up to receive our weekly newsletter containing our updated Menu + Announcements. The menu for the following week comes out every Tuesday in these emails. The menu is also updated on our website and can be viewed here. Make sure to check out our FAQ page here to learn how you can get your special requests on the menu. 
    3. Place your order: After receiving the menu for the following week, please click on the "Order Now" button at the bottom of the email (or on the updated Menu + Announcements page here) to place your order by Saturdsay 12pm for the following week. Make sure to indicate the number of servings desired for each dish ordered. Please use the comments section at the bottom of the order form to put in requests for substitutions or to indicate any additional dietary restrictions not addressed in the menu item.
    4. Relax: We'll take it from here. We will do all of the shopping, cooking, cleaning, and delivering. All you have to do is wait for your order to arrive in our insulated Taking Pure Joy cooler bags. We deliver on Mondays and Thursdays. 
    5. Heat and enjoy: Most clients find what works for them and stick to it, but we are always happy to provide recommendations for heating and serving. So feel free to ask!
    6. Return your goodies: Before your delivery, load any ice packs and/or empty containers from your previous order/s into a Taking Pure Joy bag and place it on your doorstep for our delivery driver to pick up. 

How do I pay for my meals?

Where do you deliver?

Is there a minimum order?

When will my order arrive?

Packaging...glass or plastic?

What does a typical week look like?