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Follow these simple steps to get started:
    1. Free Consultation: Fill out our contact form HERE or schedule a call via calendly HERE. I will reach out to you via phone. During our call, I will walk you through our process and chat with you in detail about your household's dietary needs and taste preferences. 
    2. View the menu: A new menu is published every Friday. It can be found HERE but will also be sent via email. Although I encourage you to order off of this menu, it is not binding and you are welcome to order outside of the options provided. 
    3. Place your order: Click the ORDER HERE button at the bottom of the menu and place your order! Make sure to specify the number of servings you would like per menu item as well as any dietary restrictions you might have. 
    4. Relax: I'll take it from here. I will do the shopping, cooking, and packaging. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and dream of yummy food from Taking Pure Joy!

What does a typical week look like?

After our initial consultation, it's quite simple! You will receive an email every Friday containing the menu for the following week (th emenu can also be found here). You will click the ORDER HERE button at the bottom of that email and specifiy the menu items you would like, how many servings per item, and any other rquests you might have. I will do the rest! I will (1) procure ingredients (feel free to let me know where you would like me to shop), (2) prepare the the chosen menu items, (2) and package + label your meals for the week. You will be left with reheating instructions for the prepared meals.


How do I pay for my meals?

What is your cancelation policy?

Do you deliver?