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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to serving you this coming week. I was inspired by some recipes I learned very early on in my career and wanted to share them with you!

Happy ordering!


Contains Dairy (D); Contains Gluten (G); Contains Nuts (N)

Items labeled with three stars (***) have a discounted labor rate of $30


Soups + Sides

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus request vegetarian (no bacon)

Garlic Mashed Potatoes ~ my grandmother’s recipes; excellent with the meatloaf (D) request dairy free

Pesto Chicken + White Been Soup ~ my homemade pesto flavors with heart warming soup loaded with veggies + chicken + white beans


Pistacchio Crusted Salmon (N) request plain roasted

Chicken Marbella ~ juicy chicken thighs marinated in white wine and herbs and bakes with green olives + prunes + capers

Meatloaf ~ my take on the classic (G) request gluten free


Lunches + Extras

Spinach + Tomato Frittata ~ finished with feta; the perfect way to start the morning (D) request dairy free

Spaghetti Carbonara ~ spaghetti in a smooth carbonara sauce with parmesan + pancetta + peas (G, D) request gluten and/or vegetarian

Cinnamon Coffee Cake ~ one of the first recipes I ever learned…and it’s to die for (G, D, N) request gluten free and/or nut free