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Below is a sample menu for a family of 4 on our 4 X 4 X 2 plan. Each section indicates how many items from that section that may choose. No matter your plan, you always have the option to add an extra item for an additional fee. 

Soups + Salads ~ select 2

Toppings and dressing packaged separately to prevent sog 
Roasted summer veg - corn, baby bells, asparagus, baby heirloom tomatoes 
Crisp and simple – cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, carrot
Mediterranean – tomatoes + cucumber + red onion + black olives + artichoke hearts + hearts of palm 
Tabbouleh Salad – A fresh take on the classic, using quinoa instead of bulger for a GF, higher protein dish 
The Finer Things - Fine shaved Radishes, Carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, simple balsamic 
Beet + Goat Cheese + Arugula + citrus vinaigrette 
Chickpea salad w/fresh herbs, lemon, shaved parmesan  
Curried Butternut Squash Soup 
Herbed Butternuts squash soup
Classic Minestrone
Green Pozole ~ add pork or chicken
Classic Gazpacho
Pesto chicken soup
Greek lemon chicken + rice soup soup 
Moroccan sweet potato + chickpea + lentil soup + chicken soup 

Side Dishes ~ select 4

Perfectly Roasted Veggies – Acorn squash, Brussels sprouts, Asparagus, Rainbow Carrots, OR Beets
Coriander Roasted Cauliflower
Lemon + butter roasted mushroom caps 
Garlic + herb roasted mushroom caps
Lemon + Pepper Asparagus
Cumin Roasted Carrots
Carrots roasted with golden raisins + pine nuts 
Balsamic glazed brussels sprouts
Eggplant stuffed w/blistered tomatoes + feta
Classic Ratatouille
Mexican Street Corn
Roasted Mushrooms + Radicchio
Rosemary roasted beets
Carb Sides
Quinoa salad ~ cherry tomatoes + cannellini beans + wilted kale + garlic-lemon dressing
Faro salad w/roasted sweet potatoes + pepitas…mostly goodies, some greens
Buckwheat garden salad w/mint + dill + almonds + finely chopped fresh veggies
Green couscous ~ couscous with a lemon + herb + olive oil dressing
Forbidden black rice cooked in coconut milk (great w/red curry salmon)
Wild rice pilaf
Mushroom Risotto
Lemon + Asparagus Risotto
Tomato + basil Risotto
Baked Greek lima beans ~ hints of lemon + dill 
Tuscan style white beans ~ white beans baked in our rich house tomato sauce
Herbed polenta with goat cheese
Herb roasted baby potatoes
Lemon pepper potato wedges w/feta + fresh parsley
Asian sweet potato halves w/Scallion + Ginger + Liquid aminos
Curry roasted sweet potato wedges
House rosemary focaccia or loaf of local artisanal bread

Entrees ~ Select 4

Fish + Seafood
Salmon OR Halibut (pick your flavor profile and feel free to request a different kind of fish):
Balsamic glazed 
Simple herbs (roasted) 
Lemon + dill
Chili + lime
Honey + Dijon 
Sesame Ginger
Lemon + Caper + Butter (or ghee!) sauce
Roasted w/garlic + blistered cherry tomatoes
Poached in Coconut Milk
    Jumbo shrimp skewers (Pick your flavor profile)
    Chili + Lime
    Herb Butter 
      Coconut + Macadamia Crusted Salmon
      Asparagus + spinach pesto pasta (rice pasta) w/blackened shrimp
      Pistachio Crusted Salmon
      Shrimp linguini w/garlic + lemon + parsley sauce 
      Shrimp Fajitas ~ served with corn or flour tortillas
      Shrimp scampi ~ with or without the pasta
      Green Shrimp Thai Curry w/lots of veggies
      Seafood Gumbo
      Pad Thai w/Shrimp, Chicken, OR Tofu 
      Shrimp Fajitas
      Chicken Entrees
      Crispy skinned chicken thighs OR boneless skinless breasts OR tofu ~ select your flavor profile: 
      Lemon Pepper 
      Honey + Balsamic 
      Lemon + dill 
      Simple herbs
      Honey + ginger
      Kalamata + vinegar (give it a try!)

      Chicken Fajitas ~ served with corn or flour tortillas
      Yellow Coconut Curry Chicken ~ with veggies
      Chicken Cacciatore 
      Chicken Marbella ~ crispy skinned chicken thighs marinated for hours and baked with olives and prunes
      Classic Chicken Salad 
      Curried Chicken salad 
      Beef + Pork Entrees
      Sesame + Ginger Meatballs
      Garlic Herb Skirt Steak 
      Classic Spaghetti Bolognese
      Chimichurri Skirt Steak
      Steak Fajitas 
      Greek Lamb Skewers 
      Orange + Ginger pork tenderloin 
      Balsamic Glazed pork chop 
      Mongolian Beef + Broccoli
      Beef Bourguignon 
      Texas Style Beef Chili
      Vegetarian Entrees
      Falafel w/tzatziki 
      Veggie packed polenta bake w/roasted seasonal veggies, chickpeas, and ”creamy” butternut squash sauce
      Southwestern sweet potato + black bean burgers
      Vegetarian Meatballs ~ plant based protein meat substitute

      Breakfast + Desserts

      Cranberry + Orange
      Blueberry + Lemon 
      Mango + Coconut

      Raw Vegan Granola ~ a delightful mix of nuts, seeds, and oats sweetened with dates
      Seasonal Veggie Frittata
      Power Bites ~ hand rolled balls baked with nuts, seeds, oats, and dried fruit
      Italian Olive Oil Cake
      Flowerless Chocolate Tort
      Ricciarelli Cookes ~ chewy Italian almond flour cookies
      Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookies