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Tired of the shopping, cooking, and cleaning? Let us take care of it.

Taking Pure Joy LLC if offering meal prep options! Chef/Owner, Teddy Danielson, will work with you to create a menu that fits the dietary needs and taste preferences of your household, no matter how specific they are. Schedule a consultation HERE

After an initial consultation, it's time to place your order. We send out a "menu suggestions" email every Thursday (it can also be found HERE) that you can use to guide you in your ordering process. These are only suggestions, however, and you are welcome to order anything you might be craving. You name it, we can do it!


We charge a labor rate of $40 per entree and $20 per optional side pairing/dessert  plus the cost of ingredients. That labor rate stays constant regardless of the number of servings you order. Order extra servings at no additional labor charge!
Here are some examples of what your week could look like: 
2 entrees + side pairings
 $120 + cost of groceries (grocery charge is dependent on number of servings ordered)
2 entrees +  soup + dessert
 $160 + cost of groceries
3 entrees (save a couple bucks and make your own sides)
 $120 + cost of groceries
3 entrees + side pairings
 $180 + cost of groceries
The whole menu (3 entrees + side pairings + soup + dessert) $260 + cost of groceries

What's included? 

Free Consultation 

Grocery Shopping 

Meal Prep

Packaging and Labeling

Reheat Instructions 

Ready to get started? Shoot us an email HERE, schedule a call via our calendar app HERE, or just give us a call at 831-345-4545. Let's set you up for success!