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Container Talk

Thank you for taking a moment to read through our little note on packaging

Finding a sustainable way to package food can be tough, and we know many of you have come to us with complaints of previous meal delivery services using too much packaging and causing you to feel as if you are producing excess waste. We get it! Taking Pure Joy takes pride in being a close to zero waste kitchen and we push ourselves every day to get even closer to that goal. Containers are a huge part of that, so we wanted to touch base. In this newsletter, we will discuss the following:

  1. Our container return policy…just a recap ;)

  2. Our exciting NEW containers and why we love them!

  3. Our glass program

Ok…here we go!

(1) Container return policy: To those of you new and old to Taking Pure Joy, you may have noticed that we send out a text on delivery days reminding you to please leave your empty containers in a Taking Pure Joy bag on your doorstep for our deliver driver(s) to pick up. We are so very appreciative to those of you who remember every week, because it allows us to reuse our containers and reduce our environmental impact. Thank you! We do want to give a heads up that containers are included in your grocery bill. We DO keep inventory of returned containers. When containers are returned, we do not charge for replacements. So, although the cost is not terrifyingly high, we kindly suggest that you return your bags and containers! Side note…please, please, please remember to clean your containers before returning. We do sanitize them, but it makes it so much easier on our tiny team when all food debris is removed and containers are washed. Psssssst they CAN go in the dishwasher!!

(2) Our new containers: Although we offer both glass and reusable plastic options, most of you have opted for our reusable plastic containers over the years, which is fine and dandy! It’s easier on us and it IS quite sustainable. You may have noticed that we changed our reusable plastic containers this week. We are super excited about our new packaging and here’s why…these containers are:

~ Dishwasher safe ~ so are our old containers, but these ones will withstand 1.5 times the washes as the other containers. Yippi!

~ Microwave safe ~ again, so are the others, but these have a better rating!

~ More pleasing to the eye ~ we know you eat with you eyes first and we have been unhappy with the way our previous containers present. We think these little guys do a much better job!

~ More affordable!! We wrap new container costs into your grocery bill when we do not receive returned containers. So this means that, for many, your total grocery bills will be a bit lower! Yay!

(3) Glass Program: If you are feeling unsatisfied with our default containers and would like to opt for glass, we totally get it! Just put a note in your next order form (and those following) letting us know that you prefer glass. We do charge an upfront deposit to cover the cost of those containers. The deposit amount varies depending on the average number of menu items you plan on ordering on a weekly basis, so make sure to email or call us with any questions. If, at any point, you decide to discontinue our service, we will refund that deposit so long as containers have been retuned.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read our little blurb. We appreciate you deeply for many reasons, one of them being your continued efforts to enable us to get closer to our goal of being that zero-waste kitchen we dream about.



Happy eating!!

Taking Pure Joy LLC